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The Happiness Programme Social-Ability metalwork

At Formost Fabrications, we pride ourselves on our versatility and commitment to innovation.

Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Social-Ability, a company dedicated to enhancing the lives of people living with physical and cognitive challenges through their pioneering Happiness Programme.

This partnership highlights our ability not only to manufacture but also to co-design and innovate, resulting in a product that meets both functional and aesthetic needs.

Initial Engagement and Early Success

Social-Ability approached us with a unique challenge. They required a new supplier to produce a custom-designed aluminium box that houses their cutting-edge projection and scanning equipment.

Upon receiving their initial design, we immediately saw the potential and agreed to take on the project. The first order was for 100 units, which we produced promptly. The feedback from Social-Ability was overwhelmingly positive, leading to a second order of another 100 units. 

Why Social-Ability Chose Us

According to Laurence, our point of contact at Social-Ability, our willingness to engage deeply with their project set us apart from other fabricators. Many potential suppliers declined the project because it did not fit neatly into their existing product lines. In contrast, we saw an opportunity to innovate and create something truly special.

Laurence appreciated our proactive communication and collaborative approach. We did not simply produce what was asked; we contributed to the design process, adding value at every stage.

This collaborative ethos is at the heart of what we do at Formost Fabrications. We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations.

Iterating the Design

Satisfied with our work, Social-Ability then approached us with a request to modify the design. They had new ideas to enhance the functionality and usability of their equipment and needed a partner who could bring these ideas to life. We enthusiastically accepted the challenge.

We engaged deeply with Social-Ability during the design phase. They had a vision of what they wanted, but needed our expertise to make it a reality. Using 3D modelling, we iterated on the design, incorporating their feedback at every stage. This collaborative process was crucial in ensuring that the final product would meet their precise needs.

Prototyping and Refinement

The first prototype we developed was a significant step forward. It incorporated all the changes that Social-Ability had envisioned.

However, as with any innovative project, there were further refinements to be made. Social-Ability provided new components that needed to be integrated into the design, prompting us to develop a second prototype. 

This iterative process of prototyping and feedback was essential. It allowed us to fine-tune the design, making it more efficient to manufacture and easier to use. Our goal was to create a product that not only met Social-Ability’s functional requirements, but also offered them cost and production efficiencies.

Final Stages and Future Outlook

We are currently in the final stages of this project. The second prototype is now in production, an iteration that deftly meets all of Social-Ability’s needs. Once this prototype is approved, we will proceed with a final batch of the original design to ensure continuity of supply.

Looking ahead, we anticipate that the new design will be a game-changer for Social-Ability. Not only will it enhance their current offerings, but it will also position them for future growth.

For us at Formost Fabrications, this project has been an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities beyond manufacturing – showcasing our strengths in design and innovation.


Our work with Social-Ability underscores the importance of flexibility, innovation, and collaboration in manufacturing.

We’re so happy that, by partnering closely with Social-Ability, we were able to create a product that will have a positive impact on the lives of individuals living with disabilities.

This project exemplifies how Formost Fabrications goes beyond traditional metalwork, delivering bespoke solutions that meet complex requirements.

At Formost Fabrications, we are committed to driving innovation and excellence in every project we undertake. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Social-Ability and exploring new ways to support their mission.


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