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Bespoke Walkways

A safe & reliable way of crossing rooftops

High quality walkways for any purpose

Give your employees and building contractors a safe and reliable way of crossing rooftops; have a professionally designed and expertly manufactured walkway installed today.

At Formost Fabrications, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing high quality walkways for any purpose; be it ensuring quick and safe access in the case of an emergency or enabling workmen and employees to easily and safely traverse rooftops.

Cost effective & attractive access solution

Bespoke walkway design

We will design your new walkway to whatever specifications you need. We are used to working on a variety of challenging projects, so however tight or small the space; we will be able to help. We use a variety of different durable materials, meaning you have a wide choice of different finishes and styles to choose from and a budget-friendly, cost effective and attractive access solution.

Guaranteed a durable installation that will last for many years

Installed by the very best

Our fabricators and installers have been working in the industry for many years, working for a variety of commercial clients and building contractors throughout Surrey and London. You are therefore guaranteed a durable installation that will last for many years and provide your employees with safe and reliable access.